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Become A CounterSurance Warranty Provider

Joining the CounterSurance team will help increase your customer base, reduce your advertising cost, and increase your revenue.

CounterSurance is the nation’s leader in countertop protection. Our knowledge and experience in working with various countertop surfaces spans more than 25 years, and includes repair, fabrication, installation, sales, and quality control.

Based on our extensive background in the industry, our approach to consumer protection and customer service is unrivaled because we focus 100% of our corporate resources on one thing – countertops.

As consumers make significant investments in their countertops, CounterSurance provides protection against the most common occurrences such as accidental damage and wear & tear. This needed coverage is not offered by countertop manufacturers.

Supported by a network of service providers, CounterSurance is dedicated to protecting consumers throughout the lifecycle of their countertop ownership.

From the first day your countertops are installed, you have a guaranteed peace of mind working with CounterSurance to protect your investment.